Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How to share your POIs with other using Waypointer

To share your point collection with other peoples you can use tags in Waypointer. Generally there are two ways how to do this:
  • Share your POIs via link
  • Embed map with POIs into your page

Sharing POIs via link

For the beginning please click on link icon near the tag you wants to share.

Next copy the public link and send it to your friends.

Embedding map with POI into your page

In the same sharing dialog you can copy HTML-code for embedding the Waypointer map into your page. You just need to paste this code inside your page and save it.

Below you can see result of embedding. It's not an image, but the part of the map with shared POIs!

Waypointer – POI search & management service

The Waypointer service was created for POI (GPS coordinates) search and management.
It will be useful for tourists and owners of GPS devices. With help of this service you can find POIs on map filtered by categories (i.e. spring or camping sites), and prepare yourself to the new journey.
Also you can easily share POIs with friends and embed map with POIs to another page.

In this article we will cover main functionality of the service.
  • POI search and POI downloading
  • POIs tagging 
  • Adding POI to the map
  • Adding POI from GPX, KML or WPT file

POI search and POI downloading

On the main map you can see points, visible as different markers. Using the filter on the left panel you could show or hide required POI categories.

Also you can download all visible POIs as file just clicking by "Download" button. After this a downloading will be started. POIs could be downloaded in GPX (universal), KML (Google Earth) or WPT (Ozi Explorer) formats . The last two formats are available for registered users only.

POIs tagging 

After the registration you will be able to tag any of points in the system. It will be useful for example for points grouping before your next travel.

To start create your first tag in the right panel.

Then, click on any point on the map and find a tag icon. After clicking on icon select your tag and save the changes. Now this point will be linked with your personal tag.

After points tagging you can filter only points related with this tag. To do this just select tag checkbox on the right panel.

Adding POI to the map

To add a new POI to the map you need to click on "Add/edit point" placed above the map – it will switch map to the edit mode.

Then click on the place for a new point and enter its name and category. Category is mandatory for new point creation.

To save all details click on "Save" button. To exit edit mode press "Finish" button.

Adding POI from GPX, KML or WPT file

To start file uploading you need to press "Add from file" button placed above the map.
After file uploading you will see a table with POIs ready to be added into the system.

For all these POIs like for map adding you need to define a category. For convenience you can use name filter placed in the upper right corner of the table.

After pressing a "Save" button points from your file will be added to the database.

Waypointer is a new and growing project, so we like to hear your ideas and opinion.